Membership & Subscription Cards by ABACICARD

Saturday, May 12, 2018

ABACICARD is a leading company in manufacturing customized membership cards . Membership card program provides customers incentives and continuous motivation to take action and make purchases from your business. A smart card given to a customer or prospective customer will generally be retained in a wallet or purse and thereby serve as a permanent reminder of your product or service. With our membership card customization and manufacturing, account statement production, direct marketing and loyalty programs, we can offer services tailored to the needs of your market and customers.

ABACICARD can offer its clients a wide range of solutions, for memebership cards, characterised by the highest standards of quality and security. We always guarantee, about the membership card manufacturing, latest generation materials and technology in combination with the most innovative printing techniques.

Both from the graphics point of view and functional aspects, ABACICARD products allow you to better meet the requirements of a constantly evolving market. Substantial attention is paid to developing new applications and increasingly innovative solutions.


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