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Today, many stores use personal discount cards in order to establish closer relations with their customers and encourage their customers to shop. These personal discount cards are often preferred by customers because they add a different experience to shopping.
Plastic Playing Cards x Plastic Coated Paper Cards
This is your most important decision when choosing a perfect deck. Plastic-coated paper has one significant advantage, they are inexpensive to purchase.
Some of Our Client Requests
Some of Our Client Requests Dear Abaci Kart team I am writing to you from Baku, Azerbaijan. Below you can find a list of products that we are interested in.
Custom Plastic NFC Card Printing
NFC stands for Near Field Communications, which enables radio communication between two devices.
Plastic Card Solutions For Business
At ABACI KART (ABACICARD), top-quality plastic card printing at a competitive price is what we’ve built our reputation on. As a plastic card manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products and services, including plastic business cards, loyalty cards, plastic membership card printing, plastic key card printing, plastic gift card printing, and more.
10 Most Amazing Facts About Playing Cards
If you are a master card player (or even just a casual one), then a deck of cards is the tool with which you practice your craft. But if you are like most gamblers, you’ve probably never given too much thought to the cards themselves–what they are, where they originated from, and why they are the way are.
State of the Art Production Techniques
ABACICARD provide businesses with the highest standard plastic cards at the lowest possible cost, using state-of-the-art production techniques.
Durable, High Quality ID Cards with Long Life PVC
ID cards and government cards are growing in use and complexity for many applications. The life cycle of these cards is usually 10 years, thus having to resist alterations, like “bad handling” by some careless users.
What is a Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System?
Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system are deployed in public transit network, to allow collection of fare through the use of stored value smart cards by passengers.
Key Chain Cards & Combo Cards - Loyalty & Membership
Plastic keychain cards and combo key cards are perfect for loyalty card and membership card programs, as well as other card applications. Order plastic key tags alone, or opt for the combo card (combined card and key tag), providing customers with the option to choose their preference of card or keychain tag.