What is a Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System?
Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system are deployed in public transit network, to allow collection of fare through the use of stored value smart cards by passengers.
The chip’s main characteristics are denoted by its name DESFire – The “DES” in the name refers to the use of DES, 2K3DES, 3K3DES and AES hardware cryptographic engine for securing transmission data, while “ Fire” is an acronym for “Fast, Innovative, Reliable, and Enhanced” operation in contactless proximity applications.
Key Chain Cards & Combo Cards - Loyalty & Membership
Plastic keychain cards and combo key cards are perfect for loyalty card and membership card programs, as well as other card applications. Order plastic key tags alone, or opt for the combo card (combined card and key tag), providing customers with the option to choose their preference of card or keychain tag.
How a Smart Card is Made: Card Personalization
This is the Part three of a four-parts essay on Smart Card Manufacturing: Smart Card Module Production, Card Body Production, Card Personalization, Card Fulfillment
Smart Card
A smart card is a security token that has an embedded chip. Smart cards are typically the same size as a driver's license and can be made out of metal or plastic. They connect to a reader either by direct physical contact (also known as chip and dip) or through a short-range wireless connectivity standard such as Near Field Communication (NFC).
Mainstream contactless smart card IC for fast and easy solution development
Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level! MIFARE Plus brings benchmark security to mainstream contactless smart card applications.
MIFARE DESFire EV1 (MF3ICD(H) 21/41/81), a Common Criteria (EAL4+) certified product, is ideal for service providers wanting to use secure multi-application smart cards in public transport schemes, access managment or closed-loop e-payment applications
MIFARE Ultralight Nano Data Sheet
MIFARE Ultralight Nano is the latest generation of smart paper ticketing ICs–the ideal flexible single-use solution offers a customizable originality signature.
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Data Sheet
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 is the next generation of paper ticketing smart card IC for limited-use applications that offers solution developers and operators the maximum flexibility for their ticketing schemes and additional security options.
Digital Printing vs Offset Printing Explained
So, what's the distinction between digital and offset printing? Printing is printing, right? Not exactly... Let's take a look at these two printing methods, their differences, and where it makes sense to choose one or the other for your next print project.